Give the Gift of Time 🎁

This is a time of giving and showing kindness to others. For those with dyslexia, a gift you can give all year round to make a difference for these individuals is the gift of time. Dyslexia does not just affect reading and spelling; it also affects math, listening, and speaking. Research clearly shows that dyslexia impacts language, planning, and executive functioning. While others might be answering a question, the one with dyslexia is still trying to process what was said and how to respond. And the reason they are not moving quickly to follow your directions is because they need a bit more time to understand what you are asking them to do. By asking them to hurry, you are not recognizing how they are wired and who they are. So be kind ❤️- and give time. ⏳

#dyslexia #waittime #kindness #executivefunctioning #thinktime #respectdifferences

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