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K.I.S.S. Your Students

Teachers, please KISS your students today!

It has been two weeks since you and your students were in the classroom together. And quite frankly you miss them, and, whether they admit it or not, they miss you too. So please send a KISS their way and help to Keep It Simple, Sis/Sir.

Here are a few ways you can Keep It Simple during this time of stress.

1. Simplify Instructions

While it sometimes is easier to write instructions in paragraph form, students will be better able to understand and complete each part of an assignment if directions are simplified and listed in a bulleted point format. Bulleted items can be easily followed and checked off if needed as items are completed.

2. Simplify Activities

Let’s face it. Learning just isn’t the same without a teacher to guide instruction and mediate learning. While some activities worked well within the classroom, consider the independent level of your students and only assign those things they can complete relatively independently. Tasks that are too complicated, technical, and complex should be avoided. In many cases the parents are not able to facilitate learning or understand the concepts like you do as the teacher.Create learning activities which students can complete successfully without you there.

3. Simplify Submission

Consider one or two primary ways students should submit assignments to you. Are they supposed to post the assignments on a Google Doc? Do they need to make a copy of a document and share it with you? Do you prefer assignments be emailed to you? Take a picture? As you can see there are a lot of options. Limiting the way assignments are submitted lessens the confusion for students and parents.

By KISSing your students, they and their parents will thank you.

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