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Hybrid Homeschool classes are now available at our Greenville, SC office.

Greenville offers many wonderful schools and programs for children with learning needs. However, in our discussion with parents, we found that those who wished to homeschool felt that they were lacking the expertise, resources, or community to best assist their children with dyslexia. Designed with a Purpose began the first Hybrid Homeschool program in August 2022 to cater to the individual needs of homeschool parents and children with language-based learning needs. 


Our program meets twice a week in person. We find that this allows for the children to have social interaction with peers as well as allow the teachers to present new material to the class. Three days a week the parents oversee their children at home using the lessons provide by Designed with a Purpose. We have found that the parents appreciate having a structured curriculum to follow on the days they lead their students in instruction. Students (and parents) will also participate in field trips and class activities a few times a year. 

The structure of our Hybrid Homeschool includes:

  • Social Studies, science, and literature are taught in a group setting

  • Math, reading, and spelling are taught in a smaller setting based on abilities.

  • Google Classroom is used on home-learning days.

  • Field trips, projects, and guest speakers are used to enrich learning material.

If you are a homeschooling parent looking for a Christian-based curriculum with an emphasis on meeting the educational needs of children with dyslexia or other learning needs, we encourage you to reach out and discuss our hybrid homeschool option and availability.

Designed with a Purpose Hybrid Homeschool Field Trip_edited_edited.jpg

Field Trip

The Hybrid Homeschool class will take multiple field trips throughout the year.


Hands on Learning

This project had the students create and label an animal or plant cell. 

Designed with a Purpose Hybrid Homeschool in Class.jpeg

Class Discussion

The class has time for group discussions, inquiry, and paired learning.


Art and Crafts

We regularly incorporate paint, clay and other materials in our lessons.

Designed with a Purpose Hybrid Homeschool.jpeg

First Day

Our school year follows Greenville County school calanders.


Interactive Lessons

Our class enjoyed a tea party as we discussed the coronation of King Charles III.

Parent Testimonial

"Debbie has been a huge blessing to our family. We are so grateful for her help and guidance with our son and his academics. Debbie is excellent with children and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!"  

- Jeanine F., Mother of a 5th-grade student

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