Agendas Make It Happen

A new school year is a great time to begin new habits. Start by helping your child set up an agenda to keep track of assignments and time commitments. While some kids will do well with an electronic system, others get lost in the details and miss important deadlines. Those kids often benefit from a paper system where they can see details for the month, week, and day.

➡️ The monthly calendar gives the big picture view - 🎄holidays 🦃 vacations 🏖, days out of school, & major events 🎂.

➡️ The weekly view allows you to budget your time and plan for ⚽️practices ⛹️‍♀️, clubs , and tests. 📚

➡️ The daily view should list each class and specific assignments. 📖 No homework? Great! - write “none”. Once an assignment has been completed, check it off. ✅

Personally, I like seeing the whole week at one time with the days listed vertically on one or two pages. I then draw a line almost down the middle of the page. The section on the left would have assignments and/or appointments while the section on the right I list my ‘to-do’ items. Now, I can see my whole week and its details at a time. Once I’ve finished a task, I check it off. (Am I the only one who gets satisfaction over seeing a completed checklist?) A quick glance lets me know what I still need to do.

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