Find the Prize

When I was a kid, one of my favorite snacks was Cracker Jacks. You know, the buttery, caramel flavored popcorn with peanuts. The perfect mix of sweet crunchiness. And if the taste was not enough, I couldn't wait to dig inside to find the prize. What was it going to be this time? A small book? A toy soldier? A charm? It was always different and unexpected, which made finding the prize that much more exciting.

And I've come to realize the same is true for every child. Each one has a special prize - a treasure waiting to be found. For some children the prize is easy to spot. A quick wit. A kind heart. An artistic flair.

But for other children, their prize is not quite as evident - but it's there. It may take some digging, coaching, or encouraging - but it's there. What these children need is a parent and/or teacher who is willing to dig and explore. One who is able to invest time and energy. One who is committed to cultivate the prize inside.

I hope I'm that kind of teacher. A prize finder. A talent seeker. A treasure hunter. And just as a reminder to myself, I have a Cracker Jack bag framed in my office where I can see it everyday as my reminder that within each child is a prize and my job, your job, is to find it. #CrackerJack #FindthePrize #treasureseeker

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